Här är du: Sea for society – EU-projekt

Sea for society – EU-projekt

Building a Blue Society

Sea for Society has engaged over 500 stakeholders and citizens in a dialogue on the future of our Ocean. Together they have developed more than 700 ideas to improve human-Ocean dynamics and over 600 solutions to address barriers to sustainability. We have established the Principles of a Blue Society. You can show your support for this vision by signing the Citizens' Promise.





I support

A sustainable Blue Society, based on good management of Ocean resources

An innovative Blue Society, through collaboration between researchers and entrepreneurs

An informed Blue Society, providing education on the importance of the Ocean in our lives

An engaged Blue Society, built upon participation of citizens, stakeholders and decision-makers


I ask

The relevant political authorities and all stakeholders to:


Favour multidisciplinary research and technological innovation based on the Ocean’s potential

Consult and collaborate with all stakeholders and citizens on Ocean related issues

Foster sustainable management of the Ocean’s environment and resources

Promote a more efficient Ocean governance through clearly identified and dedicated decision making

authorities and to clear international regulation

Support more education and awareness initiatives for all, including stakeholders and decision-makers